How I fell in love with Memphis, Tennessee

I know that Memphis may not seem like the trendiest coolest destination when going to the US. I know it’s all about California, New York and Miami. But I wanted to get inside the country, to experience the South, to go deep. And yes, I went to Louisiana, and Texas. And it was wonderful. But what I want to talk about right now is Memphis.

To be truthful, I went to Memphis for Elvis Presley. Yes, old school, almost dusty really. But I am a HUGE Elvis Presley fan.  So my goal was to visit Elvis Presley house. But when I got there, I loved it all. It was brilliant. Yes, the average traveler there was a bit older than I was, so what ? Memphis was rusty and tough, a bit older and shabbier than the places I went to before. But it was a good tough, authentic and palpable. It was old bars and old beers with old dudes listening to old rock n roll. I felt right at home.

It was friendly Uber drivers telling me where were the best joints for nice ribs. Nice bars and restaurants with live bands dressed like Elvis or Cash, singing amazing songs and none of that clubbing crap I hate.

It was old whisky in rough glasses, paved streets and music everywhere. That’s what I loved about it the most I guess. The music. I went to visit the Sun studio, where Elvis Presley started his career. It was tiny but packed with memories. They made us listen to a lot of music, most of them are now on my ipod. It was the Howling wolf, Elvis, Johnny Cash or Jerry Lee Lewis. It was old vinyl signed and memorandum. I went to visit a guitar factory, went to concerts, live music events, the Stax museum.

I obviously went to visit Elvis Presley house. When I went into the little bus taking us there I was very aware of being the youngest person there by a good 30 years. I didn’t care, I was just smiling to myself, so happy I made it. I loved the house because it was all about history, records, music. And I loved Memphis because it was my soul place. The whole vibe of the city is : come in, have a drink, listen to old music and just be comfortable in your old ripped jean and old band t shirt. Just chill out and be true to yourself. Be rough, be tough and be cool.



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