I tried to write an articulate « About » ME page. I made a list of the essentials. Then I decided a list was better than some articulated stuff anyway. To the point and no bullshit.

-Drinker of whiskey and lover of sharks

-When I was little I wanted to be an adventuress

-My Nonna thinks I will write a book someday, somehow

-Blond, blue eyes, awkward as hell, with a lot of scars

-Always showing up 30 minutes late but with a pack of beers

-Firm believer in the fluffiness of the world

-Favorite activities includes : searching for seashells while humming to myself, beating dudes at table football, reading under the cherry tree, hanging out in bars and being awesome

-If I could choose a superpower it would be to read minds. Since mine is just hellish insanity, I would love to compare

-Huge Elvis Presley fan. Also love rock’n’roll bands, Nina Simone, Johnny Cash and old school hip hop

-Would drive 10 hours straight to the ocean if I didn’t see it for too long

-Worse jobs of my life (in order ) : receptionist, hostel maid, construction worker

-Best jobs of my life : journalist, community manager, farm worker